Metal Minute
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A goofy homage to AM news radio, but with heavy metal news briefs, commentary, and interviews. Metal Minute is a part of Lavirra Productions.

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    Episode 71

    We sample the best fart sounds on today's Metal Minute.

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    Episode 70

    The thrilling conclusion to our epic saga happens on today's episode of Metal Minute.

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    Episode 69

    I don't want to spoil it here, but you don't want to miss the plot twist in today's episode of Metal MInute.

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    Episode 68

    Humanity is beaten back but not broken in today's episode of Metal Minute.

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    Episode 67

    We check in on the status of iVoid and society in general on today's Metal Minute.

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    Episode 66

    We have a wonderful new app to tell you about on today's Metal Minute.

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    Episode 65

    Stats Chat makes confident and "totally secure in themselves" comeback on today's Metal Minute.

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    Episode 64

    We test the theory that the worst thing to happen to a radio show is "dead air" on today's Metal Minute.

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    Episode 63

    Our resident album reviewer Josh Thieler returns to provide the definitive review on the new Inquisition album.

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    Episode 62

    Metal Masterpieces makes a surprising comeback on today's Metal Minute.

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