Metal Minute
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A goofy homage to AM news radio, but with heavy metal news briefs, commentary, and interviews. Metal Minute is a part of Lavirra Productions.

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    Episode 100

    I existed from all eternity and, behold, I am here; and I shall exist till the end of time, for my being has no end. - Metal Minute Host Seth Werkheiser.

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    Episode 99

    We at Metal Minute, if we're comparing Pro Stars, prefer Michael Jordan to Wayne Gretzky, if we're being honest.

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    Episode 98

    At Metal Minute, we prefer straight up plagiarism to slyly trying to rip off other popular podcasts.

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    Episode 97

    Metallica music videos will overtake and consume the world in time for Thanksgiving on today's Metal Minute.

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    Episode 96

    Metal Minute takes a side detour into estate planning on today's episode.

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    Episode 95

    We thank Satan every day that Metal Minute is an audio-only podcast.

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    Episode 94

    We try to pick ourselves up with the debut of some brand new music here on Metal Minute.

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    Episode 93

    Sometimes we tell jokes to cover up massive amounts of existential despair here at Metal Minute.

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    Episode 92

    Who wants to hear Seth sing the theme song to Bubble Guppies? Metal Minute sure does.

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    Episode 91

    We're angry, so very yawn angry, about er..important things...on today's Metal Minute.

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