Metal Minute
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A goofy homage to AM news radio, but with heavy metal news briefs, commentary, and interviews. Metal Minute is a part of Lavirra Productions.

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    Episode 79

    There's wedding bells in Metal Minute-land today.

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    Episode 78

    Can Seth channel his inner Snake Plissken? Find out on today's Metal Minute.

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    Episode 77

    Can Jon channel his inner Hanks? Find out on today's Metal Minute.

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    Episode 76

    What won't Seth and Jon do to get that new Neurosis promo? Find out in today's Metal Minute.

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    Episode 75

    Please join us for our ongoing riveting coverage of Nails Watch 2016 on today's Metal Minute.

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    Episode 74

    Metal TMZ returns in today's Metal Minute to gossip on the latest metal couple.

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    Episode 73

    This episode of Metal Minute is sponsored by the Pater Vita EP by Domestikwom.

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    Episode 72

    Deep and very interesting political commentary is the foundation of Metal Minute.

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    Episode 71

    We sample the best fart sounds on today's Metal Minute.

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    Episode 70

    The thrilling conclusion to our epic saga happens on today's episode of Metal Minute.

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